How to turn your idea into an app?

You probably have tons of questions.

Where do I start, if I want to make an app?

The first thing to consider as always is your competitor. You must study previous apps and website that had an idea like yours and try to somehow improve it. I mean, that always has been the goal. Improve, improve improve. First came the candle and then electricity. I like to use the same example between listening to an actual radio devices vs listening to Pandora on your phone. Or taking a taxi vs installing Uber on your phone. Because it’s just easier to use the better thing. Your next idea to improve a process or a service can easily go viral.

Which language to use to develop my application?

This question often depends on the complexity of the app. But there are literally tons of technologies to make an app with. But what you want to focus on is the ability to let the user download your app or view your website on all devices. Therefore a universal language that can eliminate many gaps between cross-platform development would be an ideal language. JavaScritp is an excellent language when it comes to web and app development and it has grown to be used almost in all applications that we work with today. The language itself is not the matter, but the choice libraries and framework and offers you the simplicity of bringing an app up from the ground up. There are millions active community out there for developers to get help from. But if you think about this question and you are thinking to use C, or C++ or some other complicated language, you are just falling behind time reinventing the wheel. Although SWIFT or Objective-C will come in handy in delivering what JavaScripts offer you in mobile development.

What can a mobile application development company do for you?

If you already have a website with traffic, say an e-commerce website, you can easily ask for a quote from us to turn your website into a native mobile app, that can bring even more traffic and sales to your company. When a user visit a website is hard for them to remember it but if you have your app installed on their phone, you can be assured that this user is less likely to choose and get redirected to your competitor. More sales from app store and google store, not to mentioned the ability to send push notification + using simple options such as face recognition and siri suggestion.

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