Pros and Cons of DIY website projects? 

The quick answer, I am afraid making a website is not cooking noodles in macro-wave. There are many tools out there in the internet that helps you build a new website, what they use is a template, or better say someone else’s design and work, sold to many many others, making it a used-up theme and eventually because your business website does not have that quality uniqueness, it is highly unlikely to be shown on the first pages of google result.

I’d like to think of google as this picky magnifier looking for what stands out the best for the right user. And that brings us to the concept of AI (artificial intelligence) and how they are looking at statistics and letting the engine of the software decides how to rank website and many other decisions along side it. There are many parameters to take care of for Google to decide which website or business should be on the first page. It will ask questions as where this business located? where is the request coming from? what are the reviews? how fast can google bring show that website to a user? just to name a few out of hundreds probably.

Although we don’t claim to have cracked this algorithm in any unusual way but our history of work with other client shows that we have been extremely successful in improving your business website’s traffic whether you are selling products or offering a service in your local neighborhood.