A World Full Of Freelancers

The future of employment and business relation

We are almost there. All business are constantly thinking of automating businesses to reduce manpower and employees. In banks everyday they are coming up with new software that takes care of what a regular bank teller used to do. ATM machines handle almost all sort of transactions and reducing the need to actually walk in to a bank. In most grocery stores self checkout is now an option. Rather than hiring a delivery guy in a pizza restaurant, applications such as Postmate or Uber Eat now taking care of that. These are all examples of how the full time hiring is dying and new form of employment emerging. The way I see it, we all have certain skills that can be used in different part of society for which we get paid and make a living. Why not represent our skills ourselves and be in touch with our customers directly. 

No matter what type of job you do whether you work for yourself or for a company, you need to create and maintain a representable online presence, describing your skills for your target audience to find. You also want to start that portfolio of yours as early as possible. Because by the time that it becomes your only way of making a living, you want that website or blog to be a little old. In other word you don’t want to wait until the world completely changes and you are the last person to make your profile. 

Once you create your portfolio you need to make sure people are interacting it with it and that you are being found. There is a lot of ups and down to the creation of professional websites. Why? Because you come up with ideas to do or product to sell and there you do some stuff on your own but it doesn’t turn out to be as successful as you wanted it. Thats why you need time to perfect it, if there is any mistake in development or in your content, you may want to get that out of the way as soon as possible. 

Once your site is set for one of those skills you have, you may also want to think of some other form of service or product as well. I mean sure it would be nice to have one site that says you are a video editor and a web designer plus you have some cooking specialty and event planning as well, but you sure would want them all in separate domains. Each and every one of them, need to be as complete as possible to answer any questions your customers might have. 

How easy it is to come up with few of these ideas like a drop-shipping website. Find your whole seller, build your website and buy and sell. 

A simple service website, like a limo service, locksmith, etc to have alongside all other interesting things you might do and you may want to turn them into something more. Something as simple like a cooking recipe in form of an article that can attract many people who don’t know what they are doing in the kitchen. 

There is literally a million way you can start making something big happen online, all you need is a good plan. 

We are proud to say that since 2010, we have been helping people just like you present their skills and find customers to work with. We provide comprehensive web design and development, marketing and advertising along side with content management. It all depends on you, do you wish to cling to something temporary or you want to start small and grow big. We believe the way to go is through a simple website that put everything under a certain category and those categories can connect with people who are also looking at those tags.